How to Write a Memoir Essay

How to Write a Memoir Essay

One of the greatest misconceptions of writing memoirs is that they have to be about something that happened in one’s childhood. However, you need to understand that you are never limited to such material. A memoir can be written on anything in your past including something you did two or three years ago. You should not wait until your old age to write your memoir, but you can document any significant point or issue about your life. For example, you can write about how you fought against cancer or how you successfully turned your business around. William Zinsser said that “writers are the custodians of memory” and he was right. People tend to forget their past quite easily, but it is only through or by writing a memoir that you can preserve certain events. There is a thin line that separates memoirs and personal essays, but most of the time, memoirs take the form of personal essays and are described within the lines of personal essays. However, it is the reflection bit or part that makes the difference, and that helps to differentiate between the two. To write a memoir essay, consider the following pointers or tips from team at

  • Narrow your focus. Do not try to tell the story of your life in one essay. Ensure that the essay you write is simply a snapshot or a single theme of your life.
  • Have more than your story. Your story will seem boring if it is only about how you overcame cancer or how you turned the fortunes of your business. You need to include other aspects and elements which will help to make your story more appealing.
  • Be genuine and honest. Writing a powerful memoir means that you must be honest. In a memoir, people often include other people, and if you include false information, you may hurt someone. Therefore, uphold honesty and genuineness in your memoir.
  • Consider your audience. Do not tell your story but rather try and show your readers your life and your story. Take them on a journey and invite them into your perspective.
  • Avoid playing a hero or victim in the story. If the story you are sharing is about how good or how terrible you are, why should someone pick it up and read it then? Avoid playing the victim or hero and simply tell of your good days and bad days as they evolve.

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